ACE is the most daring of the supernatural Institute of the spy. ACE really like to be ace spy - he is his number one fan! ACE optimistic in the face of each competition, positive reckless and dangerous situation into any crazy. Like a Captain America without common sense! His partner and friend Professor Otto is a mechanical old man worried that ACE will continue to kill them both. He believes that there is a pig from Yunnan PENG, relying on his superman smell, he can detect the risk of the nose, so that ACE can not be so impulsive.

Of course, ACE hate this opinion, don't think it necessary to add a partner, especially one would undermine his own style of doing things. Ace had to promise to let PENG with come. Unfortunately, ACE soon became the idol of PENG. He often dreamed that one day he would be a single pig wallowing in the mud. Now, if he can become a member of ACE, you can become a hero like ACE!

But things are not so simple. Because the enemy is ready to.
Past ace opponent most is alone in attack, but they have recently started assuredly became a union local evil #838- in order to set their strength to defeat ace and then have a dentists comprehensive health care plan! All of their members are bad guys. Strange comic bad guys who have been trying to beat ACE for years. Their members include ZARA, sexy, vampire double agent, and also exactly the ace of the ex-wife! Who can't get on with her and want to destroy ACE!
PENG joined the ranks of OTTO and ACE, they face an unprecedented threat, the threat of evil alliance to release the monster to make the world into chaos.

The hero group of three people began a dangerous journey to ZARA in the dark secrets of the castle of the Carpathian mountains. Along the way, they will fight against different enemies. What the pig PENG is not the most decent hero - can save everything? Or will the bad guys make the monster rule the world?