Zonny is living in a small town on the phone is out of the phone, where the other phones and his fate. Zonny slowly accustomed to the easy life here after, he found that there is a cell phone inside the text messages are not read. This message is not related to his master and master father to bury the hatchet. Zonny is very worried, after the help of the partners to find the owner. The misunderstanding between father and son finally resolved.

After this thing, Zonny thought that although the town's life is meaningless. It hopes that it and its partners can live a meaningful life. It found that its partners are very characteristic, such as some female models can be fitted with a mobile phone, such as the wolf spray. At the same time, Zonny found that they now live in a small town will soon be leveled. Zonny and his partners to go from here? Will they find their "meaning" again