According to legend, in a desert area away from the civilized society, "Dyer Meng", there is a mysterious "333 areas", which has a super spacecraft. Gopher, arm and CHINT have been longing for space exploration, so they embark on a search for the "333 zone" magical journey.

When the three leading characters arrived in Dyer, he found himself a wanted man. This is who set the trap? The mysterious "333 zone" really exist?

The three protagonists through many difficulties, help each other, and finally arrived in the 333 area". They met their cousins, the mysterious "yellow hat" Sir, and from his mouth that the "333" by the "star fly ride alliance" the secrets of the universe Club create. "Yellow" in order to recruit qualified super spacecraft "hummingbird" pilot, warrant test design.

The three leading role through endurance and courage of the assessment, become the star flying ride alliance, a new member of the ultimate realization of their dreams of roaming the universe, to take on the task of protecting the galaxy.