All Wyatt media 2014 Gongqing Forest Park field team activities


On December 20, 2014 weather was particularly fine, Wei several clusters of white clouds floating in the blue sky, Shanghai air quality excellent, in this beautiful autumn, the company negotiated: due to the successful completion of the rainbow animation company of Italy's first research project, decided to organize a field activities to reward your team, at the same time embodied the affinity of the enterprise team and in the game interesting activities enhance mutual understanding between departments, to make the team cooperation more harmonious.


Afternoon large force into a barbecue in the park area, all the excitement and enthusiasm don't mention it, everyone is busy, you take fire charcoal stove, to help him prepare barbecue material, distribute food, about half an hour after each shed all smell food flavor, barbecue techniques, eclipsing the baking food delicious Oh, baked in the technology of these partners delicious not scorched is burnt, but personally baked food, eating up the taste is still pretty good!!

In the afternoon began to collective activities and games. The first project is the game looking for treasure ", scattered usually work of each team and department, each six or seven colleagues, we between to can come to call the name, and to start to end by all members of the together action principle, find to host the set of five points in the Zang people and goods, removed after the first point quickly to the second point, five to get back to the origin and find the treasure after the arrival of the first time the team unexpectedly so excitement and pride, oh!



The second group game is a collective move forward, is the need for everyone together with the good to go forward, the rules of the game just speak good, everyone very enthusiastic were tried, the result is four together marched in step is really not easy, you see! Side group in practice how to go, the other side of the group in the guidance of how to go step by step, the scene quite spectacular. The final production and a group of animators buddies won the first game to go forward.

The day passed quickly, we reluctantly bid farewell to the park, in the happy activity deepened understanding between the colleagues! Value!